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In a similar way to our blackjack strategy, we have found a low-risk way to play poker online.  This is by using a fantastic odds calculator to move the odds more into your favour.  You'll probably not win everytime but, with the addition of sign-up bonuses, rake-backs and internet cashback, you should be able to make a profit in the long-term.  It goes without saying that you will need to have experience of playing poker before commencing with this method. 

About the Calculator
If you’ve never played poker with an odds calculator, Texas Calculatem is definitely THE ONE to start with.  There are already over 25,000 players using Texas Calculatem to win more money at the poker tables!
Texas Calculatem uses Auto-Read technology that gives you hand odds and betting advice in real-time helping you maximize your winnings.  You never have to input any data or give it any instruction.  Just attach the calculator to your game, and Texas Calculatem does all the hard work.
When you play with Texas Calculatem, you’ll instantly see the strength of your hand and get real-time betting advice.  It uses complex mathematical formulas to recommend the best play on every hand – check, call, fold, or raise.  It’s all based on your hand and the cards that have been played. 
It’s no wonder Texas Calculatem is the hottest selling odds calculator on the market.  It’s so accurate it’s hard not to win money!  Plus, it’s completely customizable.  You can adjust its betting advice to meet your style – loose or aggressive, tight or passive.  Even change it up based on positioning or pre and post-flop betting.

If you want to start making REAL money playing poker, you must PLAY with Texas Calculatem. Best of all, you can get it for FREE.  Just visit the Texas Calculatem site by clicking the banner at the bottom below.
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Where first?
Where first indeed?!  With a choice of over 250 supported poker rooms you'll be spoilt for choice, but take a look below at the supported room list where the software is compatible to start making your selection.  Give us a shout if you need some suggestions.
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