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Eyes Down... Bash a Bingo Hall With Our Risk Free Bingo Method

Two Fat Ladies... Droopy Drawers... no, this isn't a perfect recipe for a stag night we're talking about.  This is online bingo.  And the best thing about online bingo is that we've identified a completely risk-free way to play - so let's Bash a Bingo Hall today!  The method is really simple - with the help of our friends at Greasy Palm, we have identified a number of online casinos that will pay cashback greater than or equal to the amount of your qualifying deposit.  That means you play for free, and keep whatever winnings you make, which have been known to exceed £200 from a single bingo hall visit.  Here's an idea of what we mean;

Qualifying  Minimum Deposit Required (must be played through)
Cashback Available
Gala Bingo
Just from this one offer you should make £7.50 profit and that doesn't include any winnings from your deposit and/or any bonus funds you may have been given.

As for the method, well if you don't know how to play bingo then you've obviously got a lot to learn, but don't worry as the online bingo halls even daub your virtual tickets for you!!  There's also a vibrant chat scene at these online bingo sites, so we're sure you can get some help in the unlikely event of not knowing how to play the particular bingo game.  Just take a look at the bingo halls we've identified below with links through to Greasy Palm to claim the cashback.

Other Risk-Free Games

You can join loads of other gaming sites listed on Greasy Palm, and again the cashback award from Greasy Palm is often greater than or equal to the size of the qualifying deposit.  So again you get to play roulette, slot machines etc for no-risk and you get to keep any winnings you make.  Have fun!
Just take a browse around Greasy Palm to find out more.
Important Notes
  • Please ensure that you check on Greasy Palm that cashback rates and qualifying deposits are unchanged before making your deposit.  Offers can sometimes change very quickly.  Also, ensure you follow the Greasy Palm advice on eliminating any tracking problems, as this method is only risk-free if cashback tracking is successful.
  • Greasy Palm issue cashback payments monthly, 30 days in arrears, to accounts that have accrued £25 or more.  Payments are made by cheque.
  • † Some of the above Online Bingo Halls and casinos also offer sign-up and ongoing deposit bonuses - as ever you should check T&Cs before trying to take advantage of them.  Signing up to a bonus may restrict your ability to withdraw winnings without first meeting a wagering requirement (otherwise you void winnings from the bonus).  To avoid any confusion, we would suggest opting-out of the sign-up bonuses where you are given the option.  You should also check for minimum withdrawal limits, but whatever the case if your cashback tracks then you should not make a loss.

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